The CONNECT 2022 agenda is focused on helping you and your organization, as a member of the E2open community, get the most value from your solutions, connections, and E2open’s Network. You will also hear from thought leaders and inspirational speakers in our general sessions.


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A Global Trade Must-Have: Advancements to Streamline Compliance and Seize New Opportunities

Take a deep dive into the latest innovations in our Global Trade Management suite of solutions. You’ll learn about advancements we’ve made in automation, the Harmony® collaborative user interface, and expanded country compliance and programs. This must-attend session can empower you with expert skills to leverage all E2open has to offer for optimizing your organization’s global trade operations.

Agility and Resiliency: Integrating Collaborative Manufacturing and Supply Management across Multiple Tiers in One Solution

Get ready to move your business forward. In this session, you’ll learn how integrating Collaborative Manufacturing and Supply Management increases supply chain agility and resiliency and delivers competitive advantage. Our end-to-end solution includes order, forecast, inventory and cost collaboration across multiple tiers of the supplier network, plus visibility and traceability for manufacturing operations. Improved quality and lower costs are the result.

An Open Highway for Over-the-Road Carriers

Over-the-road carriers are valuable connections for any logistics platform, tying together ports, rail yards and warehouses and helping to ensure last-mile deliveries. Discover how E2open is empowering over-the-road carriers to participate fully in our growing logistics ecosystem. Learn about our upgraded network capabilities, enhancements to our TMS that streamline carrier access and more.

CLX Logistics Leverages E2open’s TMS for Global Growth

CLX Logistics has grown into a reputable global logistics and technology services provider. The company provides excellent service and both utilizes and resells E2open’s Transportation Management for Shippers application. Hear how CLX plans, optimizes and transacts the highly complex transportation of chemicals on a fully global scale using our TMS and data analytics to lower costs and minimize risk.

Connect Systems and Partners for End-to-End Business Planning, Demand Sensing, Informed Decision-Making and Agility

Seize this opportunity to learn how to do effective end-to-end planning and agile, informed decision-making by connecting systems and partners. Extending the scope of Business Planning and Demand Sensing with a single, integrated platform gives you greater visibility, increased productivity and added confidence so you can take today’s challenges and uncertainties head-on.

Discover the Benefits: Innovative New Features and Enhancements on the Collaborative Manufacturing and Supply Management Roadmap

Journey with us as we follow the roadmap of upcoming features in the Collaborative Manufacturing and Supply Management suites. Learn how configurable workflow and process management capabilities break functional silos and synchronize actions across enterprises when a supply chain disruption occurs. We’ll also show you how interface-based configuration enhancements can help empower end users and significantly improve time-to-value.

Driving Business Resilience with Channel Data (with Emerson)

How do you perform a successful channel reboot? Listen to the story of Emerson’s journey—complete with anecdotes, use cases and battle scars on the way to victory. This must-attend session shows how your organization, too, can leverage quality partner data to increase competitiveness despite a pandemic, electronics shortages and anything volatile business environments may throw at you.

E2open’s Ocean Capabilities: Vision and Roadmap

Irrespective of how or with whom you ship your Ocean freight today, E2open enables planning, acquisition, execution and settlement to meet demands of interoperability. Discover how the world largest Ocean platform is planning its focus and foresight to navigate to smooth sailing irrespective of the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) in the business world.

Earning Our Stripes: Zebra Technologies Scales New Heights with Supplier Visibility and Collaboration

Listen as Zebra Technologies Corporation, an innovator at the edge of the enterprise, describes its supply chain journey. By improving visibility for suppliers, managing the long-tail process and integrating the entire supplier ecosystem, Zebra Technologies has gained a strategic advantage. E2open’s Business Planning, Channel Shaping, Supply Management, and Transportation and Logistics suites have helped make it all possible.

ESG: It’s Time to Think Big on Sustainability

Sustainability and responsible business governance are increasingly crucial to controlling costs and maintaining compliance. But the fact is that most of your carbon emissions—more than 90% for many companies—happen outside your four walls. Join us to hear some of the many ways E2open can help you cut emissions across the end-to-end supply chain.

File Confidently with Customs: Discover Recently Released Innovations and Capabilities to Come

E2open continues to lead the trade compliance space — now with customs and compliance enhancement to execute and monitor cross-border operations, including connectivity to your galaxy of customs brokers and internal customs filings solutions. This will also include in the near future visibility into your duties and taxes spent, as well as visibility into our Cargo Screening capability for export control.

Forwarders and LSPs: Gain a Step Change in Transportation Management Efficiency with Global Logistics Orchestration

Do your order management users know which carrier to select when creating an order or how much was already booked against an agreed-upon contract? Do you want to find the cheapest, fastest and greenest options available? These can be critical questions for Forwarders and LSPs, so be sure to join us as we present E2open’s Global Logistics Orchestration (GLO) solution.

Makers: Best Practices in Connected Manufacturing

Recent disruptions put a spotlight on the need for more resilient and flexible supply chains, especially in a world of just-in-time manufacturing. Hear what this means in a world where three-quarters of production is outsourced and supply is harder than ever to get. Learn best practices to drive more connected end-to-end decisions and get ahead of supply or production disruptions. If you make goods, this is a must-attend session for you.

Master Collaborative Manufacturing and Supply Management Best Practices to Improve Performance and Win in the Face of the Unexpected

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore best practices for strategically leveraging Collaborative Manufacturing and Supply Management solutions to benefit your business. By gaining insight and honing your expertise, you’ll be better able to accelerate your team’s performance, hit key targets and more. You can also use this session to get further equipped to handle today’s changing business environment.

Movers: Best Practices in Connected Transport

Capacity crunches, container shortages and port closures affect us all. Delays in moving goods – especially when crossing borders – have become commonplace, impacting shippers, carriers, forwarders and consumers. Hear how an end-to-end outlook across all modes and regions can help transform what’s possible whether you own the assets, the goods or connect the parties. If you move goods in any way, this is a must-attend session for you.

Multiply Efficiencies: Extending Transportation Management for Shippers through Integration with Visibility and Execution Applications

Discover the broad range of capabilities that emerge when you extend the scope of Transportation Management for Shippers to encompass the vast E2open business partner network and integrate with supply chain visibility and execution applications. Join us as we think outside the box to take advantage of all the E2open network and portfolio have to offer.

New Features in Transportation Management for Shippers: Gain Measurable Cost Savings and Service Improvements

Dive into the new features and functions in Transportation Management for Shippers. These strategic advancements add to our trusted single-platform, multimode solution to help you drive significant and measurable cost reductions and service improvements. Real-world use cases and validated successes are evidence for the potential impact on your organization’s bottom line.

On Track for the Future: Vision and Plans for E2open’s Rail Capabilities

Stay on track in the times ahead by joining us to explore our “railmap.” If you’re a shipper, freight forwarder or 3PL, this informative session will help you understand the benefits of using E2open’s rail capabilities when optimizing your logistics moves. We’ll also discuss our vision for making this valuable transportation mode even easier to leverage in the future.

Over-the-Road Carriers: Exploring E2open’s Vision and Roadmap

What’s coming on the highway up ahead? Trucking firms and other over-the-road carrier companies have been indispensable in keeping the flow of goods moving in all regions of the world, despite the challenges and obstacles. Now it’s time to join a tour of E2open’s roadmap, which includes cost- and time-saving features that can help you cruise past your competitors.

Planning and Sensing: Best Practices to Address Variable Demand while Balancing Financial Goals and Performance

Now you can effectively address critical issues involving product proliferation, variable demand and market volatility while pursuing your financial goals and optimizing performance metrics. This informative session on best practices in Business Planning and Demand Sensing is designed to help you hone your skills and positively impact your entire business.

Poised for Success: Getting the Most Out of E2net

E2net is the flexible integration platform within your E2open Solution deployment. E2net supports a “come as you are” integration approach to onboard your systems and partners. In this session understand the integration options available today, and how we’re continuously adding new connectors to allow you to achieve total onboarding coverage.

Polish Your Skills and Maximize Your Channel Investment Results

Incentivizing and motivating partners is an essential part of running a high-performing channel. Learn from Ashish Gupta, Director of Product Management, how E2open can help you manage complex incentive programs adapted to each stage of the partner engagement lifecycle. Discover the latest and planned features that will make life easier for you and your partners.

Rail Logistics: Moving Your Shipments with Ease and Efficiency

You won’t want to miss this train! E2open’s rail logistics technology and managed services help companies move over 74% of North American lumber and agricultural shipments with ease. This is a great opportunity to learn about our full rail capabilities, including rate management and optimization, bill-of-lading accuracy verification, tracking and invoicing.

Recent Innovations in Parcel Management and What the Future Holds

Join us to discover the capabilities of our parcel management solution, a multi-carrier, enterprise-class shipping management system that supports complex, high-volume, multi-location domestic and international shipping. You’ll learn about recent releases supporting carrier compliance, the latest functional and security enhancements, and our hosted deployment option. We’ll also discuss what’s ahead, including a new user interface and integrations within the E2open portfolio.

Sellers: Optimize Your Omnichannel Response

Broad global disruptions have changed how we market, buy and consume goods. But sales fundamentals still come down to the right product, message, price, place, partner and time. Join us to learn how E2open helps you deliver an exceptional customer or partner experience and achieve profitability in a world where supply is constrained. If you sell goods, this is a must-attend session for you.

Supercharge Your Supply Chain with E2open’s Logistics Ecosystem

Transporting goods requires complex orchestration across modes, processes, systems, and geographies. This session explores how E2open’s ocean, rail and road ecosystems provide visibility and control into your transportation network through a single platform. Trusted by hundreds of clients, with 30K+ logistics partners already connected, we provide a come-as-you-are integration strategy, enabling companies to transact with any logistics provider regardless of volume or technical capability.

Take Advantage of Recent Innovations in Transportation Management for Forwarders and LSPs

Join this informative session to discover recent Transportation Management innovations designed to help Forwarders and LSPs rise to the top. You’ll learn about To Do List, our new workflow tool, see the new Container Load Plan user interface in action and investigate the easy-to-use Supplier Invoice Reconciliation feature. We’ll also explore our new Customer Portal visibility tool.

Take Charge of Your Supplier Network and Improve Performance with the Latest Manufacturing and Supply Management Advancements

Join us for a deep dive into our recent innovations in Collaborative Manufacturing and Supply Management. You’ll discover how to take full charge of your supplier network using long-tail email collaboration and reach new levels of performance through configurable exception alerts. You’ll also see how Discussions enable advanced collaboration and facilitate faster responses from partners when a disruption occurs.

The Leschaco Journey: Steering a Course to Digital Transformation

A global logistics service provider, the Leschaco Group combines Hanseatic tradition with cosmopolitanism and a spirit of innovation. Join us as Leschaco’s head of Global Business Solutions discusses the successes and challenges of the company’s digital transformation from an in-house TMS to a commercially available application in keeping with the motto “Think Locally, Act Globally”—all of which occurred during a lockdown!

The Power of Quality Partner Data in Action (with 3M)

Gaining access to high-quality partner data is often challenging, but it can drive your strategy. Learn how 3M leaders cracked the code, and see areas where data helps drive 3M’s business—from planning to sales and marketing, from finance to incentives and from revenue growth to resilience. Discover the benefits of using channel partner data systematically and learn ways to get started.

The Tech Behind GEODIS MyParcel

Powered by E2open, GEODIS MyParcel is a high-speed, small parcel, B2C shipping service from the United States to 26 European continental countries, the UK and Canada. Take advantage of this session and learn about what’s behind the service that helps companies balance cost and speed while improving customer service and boosting international growth.

Three Pillars of Security: Protecting the Digital Supply Chain

At E2open, we believe that system and data security are of the utmost importance. Maintaining your trust and confidence is essential. We keep security top of mind in all areas, including the design, development, integration, processing and collaboration efforts that go into our products and services. Join us to learn how our people, processes and technology combine to underpin the three pillars of security: confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Understand the Impact of Shipping Delays and Take Remedial Action

When a shipment is delayed, what is the best course of action? Discover how Global Logistics Orchestration takes shipment visibility to a new level. After proactively informing you of a disruption, the solution helps you understand the business impact of delays on downstream operations, evaluate corrective measures and put decisions into action—all from one place.

Unleash Your Inner Superhero with Harmony

Learn how Harmony gives you superpowers! The power of choice is yours with Harmony. Build your own customized home page as a launchpad into what you care about most every day with the new My Workspace. Prefer a Comfortable, Cozy, or Compact user interface? Like to keep it light and cheery, or dabble in dark and mysterious? You choose! Your user interface destiny is in your hands with Harmony.